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About Comfort Shoes Direct

Hello, my name is Nigel Craig and welcome to the Comfort Shoes Direct website. Comfort Shoes Direct has evolved from ideas and experience from over 45 years in the footwear industry. I have a long history of importing and selling footwear over the time, and this has given me a good understanding of the importance of comfortable shoes for the well being and happiness of your feet. Over the last 10 years I have been working alongside podiatrists at several clinics, talking and listening to people and discussing the best type of footwear to suit their lifestyle. Amongst the largest group of people to visit a podiatrist to talk about their foot problems were chefs, nurses, doctors and hospitality workers for example – typically those who were on their feet a lot. From all of this, I saw an opportunity to develop a different type of business, to not only provide discounted specialized footwear, but to offer a variety of additional solutions for those suffering foot pain.